Amazon Jailbroken Fire Stick With Kodi Review

Let us start with the good news that you can still install Kodi on your new Amazon Fire TV Stick. Also, the Amazon Fire Stick TV is now loaded with the Alexa Voice Control remote and a quad-core processor that makes things quite faster as compared to its predecessor. Although the price range is higher than the older version as you have to pay $69.99 for this latest updated Amazon Fire Stick TV.

Those who are more interested to know about differences between the predecessor and this new device will get all information at a glance. It is high time to know that Amazon jailbreak fire stick TV is totally a hardware update, the software part is still the same as its older model. It means you can still run all your favorite apps on this device while enjoying NetFlix streaming for full-time entertainment. Here we have listed three major changes of this TV:

  • This TV is faster as compared to its predecessor and it is just because of the quad-core processor.
  • It can be now operated with the help of voice control commands; they can switch between different applications and can also go through Alexa related information.
  • Manufacturers have added few updates added to UI as well.

Highlights about Amazon Jailbroken Fire Stick With KODI:

The name KODI is itself very popular still many people are not aware of what it exactly represents. Note that, KODI is a leader in streaming media devices and it is currently working on around millions of Amazon Fire TV boxes throughout the world.
This open source media player is developed by XMBC foundation. This media player allows users to enjoy music and videos as well, but note that KODI is not able to handle the streaming part itself rather it takes help from few other plugins to complete that task. However, the sad news is that KODI has many haters and the names on the top of the list are many sports providers like WWE, UFC, NHL, NBA, MLB and NFL etc. But it clearly doesn’t mean that you cannot watch them with your KODI because the latest Amazon Jailbroken Fire Stick TV allows users to stream everything for free without any restriction.

Yes! There is no doubt to say that this recently launched TV allows users to enjoy sports games like NHL hockey and MLB baseball even with KODI. Millions of people have used Amazon Jailbroken Fire Stick with Kodi till now and they are updating all positive reviews about it.

Amazon Jailbroken Fire Stick with Kodi Video Review:( This review is for both 1st and 2nd Gen Fire Stick.)

What comes with Amazon Jailbroken Fire Stick TV?

This system comes with all basic accessories that make installation task quite easier. The box contains a quick start guide, batteries, HDMI cable, Power Adapter, USB cable, Remote and Fire TV Stick. It will take a few minutes to set up and soon you will be ready for the real adventure on screen. Most of the people report that it takes only five minutes to play videos on a new Amazon Jailbroken Fire Stick.

Top Features you need to know:

  •   Simple Setup:

The very first thing we need to reveal about Amazon Jailbroken Fire Stick with Kodi is that it offers easy setup. Users simply need to follow three basic steps and the Fire Stick TV will be soon ready to entertain you. First of all, simply take the HDMI extender from the box and get it plugged into your HDTV. Now plug the wall outlet, switch to internet and the system is all set to entertain viewers.

  • Pre-installed KODI:

Most of Fire TV lovers report that they find it little difficult to install KODI to their TV so this latest TV is launched with pre-installed KODI so that buyers can simply take their TV out of the box, connect to the internet and it is all set to play the entertaining content. You will always be able to access fresh TV episodes and movies on this system.

  • Automatic Updates:
    Whenever you wish to tune to the latest version of KODI on your device, simply get it updated with a click of the remote. This advanced Amazon Jailbroken Fire Stick With Kodi makes things quite easier even for inexperienced people.


  • Customer Support:
    The great news for buyers is that product manufacturers are always ready to help you with any kind of trouble on screen.

Is it Illegal to Jailbreak Amazon Fire TV?

Many people keep on asking this question and the answer is definitely NO. Note that, the only difference between a simple Fire TV Stick and the latest Jailbroken device is the connectivity to KODI. It will help you to watch pirated data that means you can watch all entertaining stuff for free that were earlier available with huge payment. Note that if you are interested to take all benefits from KODI then you must use IPVanish like VPNs to stay online like an anonymous. You will find all instructions easily from IPVanish about installing VPN on Firestick device. However, this connectivity is possible only upon 2nd generation systems.

It is high time to know that KODI is legal software with a great reputation in the market. Although, if you try to do misuse of this software, you may have to report to the criminal court. Indeed, there is no point to misuse this awesome media player as it serves as best legal cable TV alternatives in the market. The Amazon Jailbroken Fire Stick with Kodi will help you to get rid of the monthly cable TV payments without even taking any break from awesome movies and other entertainment media.


  • It allows you to stream the world with few clicks on a tiny device.
  • Can be controlled with the help of Voice commands.
  • Comes with the latest version of KODI.
  • Fresh content is updated time to time.
  • Easy access to high-resolution data.
  • No need to make monthly payments when you have Amazon Jailbroken Fire Stick with Kodi.



  • The installation task may appear little expensive but it can save you more bucks in future.


The Bottom Line:

Amazon Jailbroken Fire Stick with Kodi is definitely the best choice for your home by all means. It has so many advanced features that provide easy access to unlimited entertainment. Probably, it is the right time to order your personal Amazon Jailbroken Fire Stick with Kodi.

Where is the best place to buy?(Last Updated 12/12/2017)

Best Place To buy:

In my opinion the best place to buy will not be on Ebay no longer since lots of thier sellers i encountered sold me half fast job Jailbroken Fire Sticks. DO NOT BUY FROM EBAY! 

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