Amazon Fire TV Box Jailbroken With Kodi Review

Most of the people love to stream content online but they need to make heavy payments to make it available on their TV at home. It is not possible for everyone to get data by paying hard earned cash so people need some alternatives for entertainment. In this Amazon Fire TV Box Jailbroken With Kodi Review, I will show you why you should invest in one and how you start saving hundreds and maybe thousands of dollars yearly and also all the great benefits it has to offer!

Amazon Fire TV Box Jailbroken With Kodi can help you to stream unlimited content at a faster speed without making any special payment. Most of the features of this latest TV match with its predecessor Amazon Fire TV Stick but manufacturers have made few new additions to its hardware to make it more suitable for your routine needs.

Experts reveal that Amazon Fire TV Box Jailbroken With Kodi is a full solution to free TV, free sports, and free movies. It means you will be able to get everything at your home without creating a burden on your pocket. Indeed, it is a complete entertainment package for the whole family.

Highlights about Amazon Fire TV Box Jailbroken With Kodi:

This recently launched Fire TV has fully loaded Android 4K TV Box that keeps viewers connected to wide range of entertainment channels including sports, PPV, live channels, TV shows and unlimited movies. You will be happy to hear that this Amazon TV is programmed to work with Kodi 17.6 and its essential add-ons that offer full entertainment package.


There is no need to pay for satellite cost or cable because Amazon Fire TV Box Jailbroken With Kodi can help you to get all TV shows and Movies for free. The package includes 100 plus cable channels that you can access instantly by making a one-time payment to buy your jailbroken TV. The current price range of this feature-rich TV is $125.00 only.

The great news is that viewers can also add SET TV premium service to this TV Box by paying only $20/month. This subscription will make your TV able to access 500 more cable channels. Note that Amazon Fire TV Box Jailbroken With Kodi is installed with unlimited add-ons and various android programs that offer top class content streaming. Most of the users report that this latest version of Amazon Fire TV is faster as compared to its predecessors and its hardware is much improved to make buyers feel satisfied with their purchase.

The sad part is that it does not have an Ethernet port or USB port, but users can connect this TV directly via Amazon Ethernet adapter. This Ethernet adapter is sold separately on Amazon; you can make a budget-friendly purchase to get it fast. The most interesting thing to know about this latest TV is that it is 4K enabled so you can enjoy high-resolution content streaming all the time. Also, the voice integration feature of Amazon Alexa System makes it more useful for every buyer.

What comes with Amazon Fire TV Box Jailbroken With Kodi?

When you purchase Amazon Fire TV Box Jailbroken With Kodi online, the package will be delivered to your doorstep within few days. The delivery box will contain TV loaded with Kodi, Terrarium TV, and Mobdro. Other than this, package accessories include power cable and box, remote with batteries, and original manual. Once it reaches your home, you can get it installed fast in your living room and start streaming content online.

Top Features you need to know:

  • Free Access To Stream Anything: Having A Jailbroken Fire TV Box allows you to stream anything you want, like New and Old Movies, TV Shows, Live TV Channels, Live Sports, Cartoon for Kids and lots more for free!


  • Classic video quality:

The very first thing that makes this TV different from its predecessors is its ability to deliver content with 4K resolution level. It means you can ensure breathtaking clarity and sharp details in your streamed content. Other than this, it also supports 1080p and 720p.

  • Internal Storage:

This android enabled Fire TV box has a maximum memory capacity of 8GB so you can download several games and apps from the android store and keep on enjoying them on its large screen.

  • Voice recognition system:

Same as its predecessors, Amazon Fire TV Box Jailbroken With Kodi also works with Alexa remote control technology so that users can enjoy active communications with this machine. You make say few words to your Alexa system and it will reply you back by doing recommend action.

  • Wide compatibility:

This latest fire TV from Amazon supports Dolby Digital, Dolby Digital Plus, and Dolby Atmos. Other than this it offers an easy connection with power supply via Micro USB and HDMI port. The Ethernet adapter option is available for external world connectivity but it must be purchased separately.

Is it illegal to Jailbreak Amazon Fire TV?

Many people have the same misconception in their mind that it is not legal to jailbreak Fire TV Stick. But the great news for buyers is that there is nothing wrong to use jailbroken Amazon TV. Technically speaking, there is only one simple difference between a regular Amazon Fire Stick TV and Jailbroken Fire Stick TV that the second one is installed with Kodi.

In case if you are using fire stick to access TV shows and movies then you have to make payments for this streamed content but the Jailbroken TV provides free access to all data. The only thing that you need to do while using a Kodi installed TV is to work with a VPN such as IPVanish that can help you to maintain an anonymous identity online.


  • Unlimited Free Access to watch anything you want.
  •  Easy to install.
  • Supports 4K content.
  • Voice recognition system that works with Alexa.
  • Various adult add-ons also available.


  • You have to make an extra payment for Ethernet Adapter.

The Bottom Line:

After going through this Amazon Fire TV Box Jailbroken With Kodi Review, probably your idea about a jailbroken TV is clear now. There is no doubt to say that Amazon 4K Fire TV is an all in one package for home entertainment, you can stream everything on this device for free and without messing up with annoying ads. It is good to order your product now to avail best price offer with free shipping service.