Amazon Fire Stick Fully Loaded With Kodi Review

Amazon never forgets to surprise its audience with the most advanced purchase offers. A few days ago it was in news for Echo series that work with Alexa voice control technology; that is already creating wonders in the market and now Amazon has launched its Fire Stick that is fully loaded with Kodi.

The great news for buyers is that Amazon Fire Stick Fully Loaded with Kodi price has reduced to $69.99; so you can make a happy purchase. It means you can now save more without compromising for streaming your favorite content on the large screen at home.

Yes! There is no doubt to say that you can enjoy Kodi on your new Amazon Fire TV Stick. The happiness is not limited to this; great news is that this recently launched TV stick works with Alexa voice control remote. It means you can talk to your TV in a smart manner and it will work accordingly. That’s quite impressive!

If we talk about apps, they are not much changed as compared to its predecessor but Amazon Fire Stick Fully Loaded With Kodi is all about the hardware modification. Reports reveal that with this new product, you will be able to notice three major advancements:

1. This TV works extremely fast;

2. It can be controlled with voice commands via Alexa remote control; and

3. The User Interface has been modified to let customers enjoy a different experience.

Highlights about Amazon Fire Stick Fully Loaded With Kodi:

As discussed earlier, Amazon Fire Stick Fully Loaded With Kodi has updated UI. Although, you may not find it much different as compared to its predecessor but the cleaner look will definitely bring a smile on your face. The most interesting change users will notice in this TV is that its half screen is converted to a cinematic slider that will keep on providing suggestions about best programs to watch.

The physical dimensions of the TV are not much changed but you will find its remote and dongle little larger. The curved back of this remote will perfectly adjust to your palm and the buttons are pretty easy to use. The Alexa integration adds life to this TV as it allows users to talk communicate their interests directly to this TV.

With this recent update, Amazon has now allowed users to gain easy access to other media services including BBC Sport, Sky News, YouTube and Spotify Connect. A Netflix app is also added to allow users to enjoy latest streaming services with massive media libraries. Other than this, you can also play your personal content with additional apps like Plex etc. This Plex app on Fire TV can connect you to Cloud Sync Servers. Amazon Fire Stick Fully Loaded with Kodi also extends support to AirPlay and DLNA. Users can also download games directly from App store and play them with the help of Alexa remote.

What comes with Amazon Fire Stick Fully Loaded With Kodi?

In order to run this system, all that you need is a high-speed internet connection. Rest all essential things are already packed inside by the manufacturers. Once you receive this product at your home, you will be able to get Amazon Fire Stick Fully Loaded With Kodi, Terrarium TV, and Mobdro along with the original instructional manual, HDMI extender, Power Cables, Box and Remote with batteries. It means as soon as this TV will reach your home; you can switch to your favorite shows instantly.

Top Features you need to know:

  • Free Access to Stream Anything:

With a fully loaded Fire Stick you are able to stream anything you want, now watch New and Old Movies, Tv Shows, Live Tv Channels, Live Sports, Cartoon for kids and lots more!


  • Multi-Purpose:
    Amazon Fire Stick works with Amazon’s Android off-shoot that is also known as Fire OS. Now as the core of this system is Android so users can easily play many games while getting easier access to many apps directly from the Amazon’s app store.


  • Low price:

By paying only $69.99, you will be able to get so many impressive things with this package. It is worth buying because all the competitors having similar feature set are priced high in the market.

  • Easy Set up:

This TV is loaded with Wi-Fi and Bluetooth interface so you will find it quite easier to set up. If you purchase your TV from Amazon directly, it will come with direct Amazon account attachment but if you buy it from anywhere else, you have to make some efforts to sign up.

  • Legal media option:

Fire TV Stick supports so many streaming platforms along with several popular apps. You can enjoy a wide variety of content on this TV.

Is it Illegal to Jailbreak Amazon Fire TV?

Of course not! There is nothing illegal about it. There is only one difference between a simple Fire TV and Jailbroken TV and that is the installation of Kodi. The legality is completely dependent on what kind of content users’ access over it.
When you use simple Fire Stick TV to view shows and movies, you have to pay for them but on the other side, the jailbreak TV allows users to access all that content for free because Kodi provides direct excess to pirated data.
In order to enjoy safe access online with Kodi, you need to use IPVanish like VPNs as they can ensure you anonymous activity online. Note that, Kodi is reputed legal software but if someone tries to misuse it, the criminal court can take action.


  • Unlimited Access to stream New and Old Movies, Tv Shows, Live Tv Channels, Live Sports, Cartoon for kids and Lots more for free!
  • It is Kodi compatible.
  • Available with a budget-friendly price tag.
  • This model has gained huge popularity for its impressive speed.
  • Works perfectly with BBC iPlayer, Prime Instant Video, Netflix and many other popular platforms.
  • Comes with voice-controlled Alexa remote.


  • It offers limited support to iPhone users.
  • Do not run appropriately with all USB Power supplies available with TVs.

The Bottom Line:

With all such impressive features discussed in this amazon fire stick fully loaded with Kodi review, there is no doubt to say that Amazon Fire Stick TV is the ultimate choice for all streamers. It can provide you instant access to movies, shows, sports and all entertainment stuff available online. Indeed, you should order your Amazon Jailbroken Fire Stick Fully Loaded with Kodi now.